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Piano Lessons

My piano lessons are fast and fun, structured around goals, tests and rewards. I love how my students become confident and happy musicians. 

In-School Piano Lessons

In-school piano lessons take place between 8.30am – 3pm Mondays to Fridays during the school terms. 
Where I teach:

After School Lessons

After school piano lessons take place between 3.30pm – 5pm Mondays to Fridays during the school terms at my home studio in Kelson, Lower Hutt. 

What makes Go Piano so unique?


Each piece of music has specific goals to achieve

You get
to choose

Hear a selection of pieces and choose which ones you'd like to learn


Receive information on what needs to be worked on every week

of styles

Experience pop, jazz, rock and classical styles

every term

Get comfortable with playing in front of others at school

Goals and

Build your confidence as you achieve goals and conquer new pieces

Terms and Conditions

  • Piano lessons are paid for each term, as per the school calendar, with a free student school performance at the end of the term.
  • All piano lessons are charged for regardless of whether the student turns up or not.
  • Public holidays and teacher-only days are not charged for. If I am given notice about other clashing school events, I will endeavour to change the time of the lesson within the same day. If not possible, the lesson will still be charged.
  • If I am sick or unable to take the lesson due to my own personal circumstances, the student will be credited for the missed lesson.

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