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I teach during the week between 8.30 – 5pm. Lessons take place at five Lower Hutt primary schools (Kelson, Boulcott, Korokoro, Waterloo and Maungaraki) and CTMS School in Wellington City during school hours and after school at my home studio in Kelson between 3.30 – 5pm. I do not teach in school holidays or on weekends.

Yes. In my experience a personalised approach to each student yields a much better result.

I specialise in teaching students between 5-12 years old but can also take teenagers and adults. 

From my experience, the children who have actively involved parents will always do better overall. I encourage parents to sit in on the piano lesson or video-in to it (particularly with younger children) so that they know what is being worked on and therefore can help during practice at home. 

Yes, as part of my teaching programme at schools I hold performances every term and encourage all my students to perform. I believe that regular performing builds confidence in music and in general life.

Yes. I take notes electronically each lesson and I email them to the parents so that they know what is going and what can be worked on. If the parent wants me to use a traditional written-in notebook, I am happy to do that as well.

Daily practice at a set time is critical to establish a routine. Fast progress is achieved with 30+min per day.

Yes. New songs are available to learn every term.

Incorporated at different stages in the piano series are classical, pop style, rock style and jazz style pieces. It is important to me that piano students don’t start their learning too narrow with just one style of music.

On average it takes between 2.5 to 6 years to complete the piano series. 

Yes. For older students and adults I can offer the option of learning how to play on the piano and make beautiful sounds without the need for reading notes. Students also learn chords, keys, scales and how to sing and play any songs that they enjoy.

a love of music!

I enjoy composing pieces with Jonathan

"I like my piano lessons because they are fun, interesting and I learnt a lot in only a couple of terms."

"Our sons lessons are now the highlight of his week!"