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Reviews For Our Wellington Piano Lessons

Jonathan has been a wonderful piano teacher. Gabriel really enjoyed his lessons with him, which continued to develop his love of music. He is a passionate and fun teacher who works on different aspects of learning an instrument, with an exciting programme that includes modern songs and improvisation. We would highly recommend him!

Susanna Gendall, Lower Hutt, June 2019

Ethan continues to enjoy his lessons and we are amazed at his progress. Thanks for the great programme and quality teaching.

Rachael Bremner, Wellington, May 2019

I like the music book that Jonathan give to me, I also like the way when we choose a new piece he plays it through and lets me decide which one is better.

Jonathan is a fun teacher and his way of teaching makes it easy to learn the piano. I also play cool songs like the ones you hear on the radio. If there is one teacher I would recommend to children that want to learn piano it would be Jonathan. You are an awesome teacher.

From Michael

Michael Li, , student, May 2019

Watching our son’s passion for the piano grow right from when he first started learning with Jonathan has been an absolute thrill. His lessons are now the highlight of his week, in fact he seemed more excited about his first lesson back after the summer holidays than he was about Christmas! I am sure that his confidence, enthusiasm and the real sense of accomplishment and pride that he feels as he progresses through his song book is due in large part to Jonathan’s teaching style, the variety of different songs that he gets to learn and the general format of the lessons. What is also really neat is the way Jonathan encourages him to learn songs outside his lesson book and to write his own music, encouragement which Perry has taken on wholeheartedly! :)

We couldn’t be happier with how Perry is progressing and would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone interested in booking piano tuition for their child.

Alexandra Harper, Wellington, May 2019

Tim and I just wanted to say a quick thank you for how wonderful your program is and for how much fun you are making learning this instrument for Edward. He is really enjoying it and he is even happy to practice a bit every afternoon. He’s memorizing some of his first songs (Fish Tank and the Knight song) and feeling so proud of himself for that.

Robyn Connor, Wellington, September 2018

We thank you very much for all your work and passion you put in when working with the children. David has truly enjoyed every moment.

Laura Dumitrescu, Wellington, July 2018

We are thrilled with the progress our daughter has made with her piano this year. Jonathan has a firm, enjoyable, fun and modern teaching style.

Our daughter is motivated and enthusiastic about the piano, she is engaged and challenged by the multiple pieces she is learning, at any one time, which keeps her interest and avoids boredom. Each piece of music is worked on until it is perfected. Our daughter likes the incentives in place which allows her to choose her own music to play.

We wouldn’t hesitate recommending Jonathan for Piano tuition.

Catherine McIntyre, Wellington, May 2018

I like to learn piano with Jonathan because he helps me a lot and gives me lots of useful tips for how to read the notes. He makes the lesson fun to learn and we play lots of nice songs. His book makes the practice at home easier and fun. Jonathan gives a lot of feedback on what to do, I really enjoy doing piano with him.

Kamila, 10yo-, April 2018

The lessons with you are fun. You are a really good teacher and the songs are getting more interesting every time.

Bilal, 6yo-, April 2018

Great piano recital last Sunday. We all enjoyed the event :) We were amazed with Samuel’s confidence in his introduction and playing his 4 songs comfortably. I wasn’t expecting him to speak confidently in front of people who he didn’t know beforehand :) Great job Jonathan!

Angie Coles, Lower Hutt, October 2017

Aran has made great progress in piano since starting with Go Piano. What’s more, he is really enjoying the lessons and the variety of music. As a parent, I find it easy to know where he is up to and what he has to work on for next week.

Helen Quaggin-Molloy, Wellington, September 2016

Having a piano lesson is quite a lot of fun. You get to learn new notes and different songs that you’ve never heard of.

Jonathan is always ready for my piano lesson. He helps me learn so many notes that now i can play lots of piano. Jonathan is so encouraging to help me get to the end of each song.

Patrick, 8 years old, July 2016

Hi Jonathan you have made the lessons so much fun and AWESOME you have literally been the BPTF [best piano teacher forever]

PS: You are cool!

From Josee the Awesome person, 9 years old, July 2016

Jonathan has been teaching piano to my 7 year old granddaughter for two terms now. It has been a very easy, pleasant and satisfying experience. I sit in on each lesson once a week and the 1/2 hour goes like lightening.

Jonathan relates well with Lucy. Is fair, firm and encouraging and keeps the lesson challenging for the level. And each level flows well into the next.

Goals and challenges each week are recorded and recognised with stickers and ticks when achieved.

The concert was valuable for Lucy and myself. To see other children learning and playing well was motivating.

Viv Blackmore, Lower Hutt, July 2016

Well Jonathan’s lessons are really fun. You have lots of things to learn there. There are lots of challenges you have to follow. You never know how fast you are going to go.

I recommend Go Piano

Lucy, 7 years old, July 2016

My son Lawrence has started to learn playing piano with Jonathan since last year September, he was 4 and half years old at that time.

To be honest, as a Chinese I have no idea where should I find a good teacher and how can I know whether my boy will like playing piano. But luckily I brought a voucher for Jonathan’s class, we would like to give Lawrence a try. After two times of class, Lawrence just loves his teacher and he is very exciting about he can play hot cross buns.

Meanwhile I found another teacher to teach piano. But his way is starting from theory, Lawrence kept asking “when can I play piano?”, and he could not sit and listen concentratedly, he even yawned. But in Jonathan’s class, he showed up more interest and he always got lots of questions to discuss with Jonathan, half an hour class is always too short for him.

I quite like Jonathan’s method to teach very young children and all the song he writes by himself, he also organizes concerts for his students, they can play songs in front of strangers, this is very special experience for Lawrence, in the concert he even build up some confidence.

Every time Jonathan is playing new songs for him to choose from, Lawrence is very exciting and he told me he wants to be the person like Jonathan.

Fiona Wang, Lower Hutt, July 2016

I like how Jonathan makes his own pieces for us to learn. I also like how we have to complete challenges each week because that makes us practice at home to learn the pieces well.

Rani Taylor, 9 years old, May 2016

I like Jonathan’s different music for different levels. I enjoy learning new pieces and playing them at the concert every term in front of my family and other people.

Riya Taylor, 7 years old, May 2016

Our younger daughter, Riya has been taking piano lessons from Jonathan since early 2015. We were so impressed with Jonathan’s structured lessons, we enrolled our other daughter into his classes too.

Both girls are enjoying learning piano from Jonathan very much and we are very pleased to see their improvement. Jonathan makes sure that the girls have had enough practice with one piece before moving on to the next. He also takes mid term and end of term exams which gives us an idea on how they are doing and what they need to work on. This keeps the girls on track.

In addition, there is a family friendly piano concert every term during which all children showcase their pieces they have learnt. This not only has helped our girls develop confidence in performing in public but also has given them opportunities to listen to advanced students, to whom our girls aspire to.

We have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan to anyone.

Sumi Taylor, Wellington, May 2016

Jonathan is a nice piano teacher that makes learning fun. I like the way he plays two pieces of music and then lets me choose the one I like best to learn.

Mikah, 9 years old, May 2016

I just wanted to pass on our thanks to you and Erica for all your input. Gabe really enjoyed his piano lessons and has a love of music that you have both contributed to.

Debbie House, Island Bay, Wellington, May 2016

I enjoy learning the piano, and I especially like the contemporary style pieces. I used to get nervous at piano recitals, but now I am quite confident at recitals.

Nina Blades, Age 8, May 2016

Our daughter has been learning piano with Go Piano for roughly three years and we are very happy with both her progress and the style of teaching. She is now playing lovely pieces which we can all enjoy.

Our other daughter, a 5-year old, started lessons this year and played in her first concert at the end of the last term – a great boost for her confidence. Jonathan’s approach helps build a solid foundation on which his students can start to thrive as musicians.

Siri Nicholas, Wellington, May 2016

Maddie was so excited when she came home from school last week. “Mum, Dad I get to use my other hand”, then she promptly sat down and played a couple of songs with chords. I love how she is encouraged to make up her own compositions as part of the learning program – brilliant and fun.

It was cool how there was a concert at school – Maddie did really well. I was amazed how confident all your students were playing on front of an audience.

Lyall Huizer, Lower Hutt, May 2016

I have been having lessons with Jonathan for almost three years and I am still really enthusiastic about learning piano and look forward to my lessons every week. I’m always learning something new and when I’m playing the piano I feel good and it never gets boring.

Sophie, Age 8, May 2016

We are thrilled with Sophie’s progress and the enjoyment she gets from learning the piano. Jonathan’s teaching method has kept her interest up and she clearly feels such a sense of achievement being able to play pieces (including sometimes pieces that she has written herself with Jonathan’s help). So much more engaging then the endless scales and exercises I remember from my childhood piano lessons.

Cara & Paul, Wellington, May 2016

My daughter Emily thoroughly enjoys her piano lessons with Jonathan. His materials and teaching style are very creative and have really captured her attention. The weekly goals give her an ongoing sense of achievement and she loves the opportunity to write her own songs. She thoroughly enjoyed performing to the school in her concert and it was neat to see her gain the confidence to do that over such a short time.

When I compare what Emily is learning to my own childhood piano tuition which was very traditional and exam based, Jonathan’s teaching is giving her a much broader and creative experience which I think will enhance not only her piano playing but her general musical appreciation.

Kelly Forster , Lower Hutt, May 2016

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her piano lessons.

The lessons have been well structured and set her up for success. She has made great progress and has grown in confidence. The music choices are relevant and fun. All of the children are engaged and look like they are having fun.

Vanessa Brennan, Island Bay, Wellington, May 2016

Izzy went to Go Piano for the 1.5 years we lived in Wellington. She thoroughly enjoyed the programme, variety and convenience of having the class at her school.

The teachers were approachable, understanding and kind to the children and the end of term recitals were a treasure for both the mums, dads, families and children.

We would recommend this piano school to anyone who would like their child to gain or enrich an understanding of music through piano.

Suzy Reynolds, Auckland, April 2016

Piper is loving playing the piano and she is doing lessons this year for her own enjoyment.

Belinda Clare, Seatoun, Wellington, March 2016

Our son started piano lessons last year and has really enjoyed them. Our daughters were keen to start this year too after seeing their older brother learn the piano. It makes it so easy with the lessons being held during school. Learning piano is so much more than learning an instrument; it teaches them that perseverance and daily practice leads to competency, it unlocks creativity and gives them the experience of performing to an audience.

Annette Gittos, Newtown, Wellington, August 2015

I really value your encouraging and affirming approach to both your teaching and your students. Eva would not be doing lessons if it wasn’t for the positive way you relate to your students.

Jo Wilson, Karori, Wellington, July 2015

We know that Elliot has picked up some real valuable musical foundations from his time with Go Piano. I’m sure he will use those skills in the future, so thanks very much for all your efforts with him and the other kids at Ridgway.

Paul Kos, Berhampore, Wellington, July 2015

Erica – thanks so much for being a great teacher. Serena has had fun working on pieces with you and has progressed really well.

Anita Dayha, Island Bay, Wellington, July 2015

We were at a birthday dinner last night and Ruby was playing a favourite piece on the piano. She is really enjoying learning piano.

Leigh Adgo, Wellington, July 2015

Hi Jonathan

Just wanted to thank you for tailor-making lessons for Ibanez. Being able to learn / play contemporary songs has really captured her imagination & made learning piano a whole lot more fun. Anything enjoyed doesn’t stop!

You’ve got a great individual approach & we appreciate her coming to Go Piano.

Prue Taylor, Kelburn, Wellington, June 2015

Jonathan has taught Rosa for just over 1 year, she is 12 years old. She is enjoying her music and developed confidence from early on in her lessons.

She has particularly enjoyed learning pieces she is familiar with thus keeping her focused. Jonathan is an enthusiastic instructor and makes the lessons fun.

We are given a detailed report each week on the progress Rosa is making, what pieces she has been learning, and where to focus her attention with the practice. We have been impressed with the level of confidence with which she plays.

Isobel Findlay, Seatoun, Wellington, June 2015

Learning piano with Jonathan has been a valuable experience. Each lesson is fun and interesting and he encourages learning different styles of music. Also, my technical skills and musicianship has developed ever since.

Jathea Espelita, Kingston, Wellington, June 2015

It has been very impressive watching Peyton’s progress and development in the last year with her piano playing.

Katrina Laurie, Kilbirnie, Wellington, April 2015

Julia has enjoyed learning with you over the last four years and has made great progress. Thanks for the quality tuition she has received since starting with Go Piano all those years ago.

David Bagnall, Brooklyn, Wellington, February 2015

Since undertaking piano lessons with Jonathan my playing has improved quickly. Jonathan has been sensitive to what I am hoping to achieve (being able to accompany myself singing a largely folk repertoire) and has been able to gear his lessons to help me maximise my potential while giving me the tools to be able to improvise so that even as a beginner, I can start to really enjoy playing and master some of my songs.

Katherine (Adult Student), Seatoun, Wellington, December 2014

Amber has loved her lessons with Erica, so thank you very much for your teaching approach. She loves the music she learns.

Paula Bird, Karori, Wellington, November 2014

I can’t recommend Jonathan and his programme highly enough. He has built elements of choice into his programme, which our daughter really appreciates. He breaks the learning down into different goals. Each different goal has its own reward so that the student can see progress. He is patient and engaged. When we switched to Go Piano, our daughter started practicing without being asked. In short, he makes it fun.

Lesley Cornish, Ngaio, Wellington, November 2014

Many thanks Jonathan – we are delighted with John’s progress at Go Piano.

Sonia Eng, Brooklyn, Wellington, November 2014

We are all so impressed with how much Mya has learnt in just two terms. She is already reading basic music and is playing with two hands! She looks forward to her lessons and practices at home without any reminders. She is so enjoying learning the piano. We are thrilled with the quality of the teaching programme she is receiving as well as with her teacher Erica. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Go Piano to other families.

Jacqui Van Der Kaay, Wadestown, Wellington, July 2014

Jack is very much enjoying your piano lessons and it sounds to us like he has come a long way since he started playing 4-5 months ago. We have been very impressed with his piano playing and the amount of time he puts into it every day.

Viv Jacobs, Seatoun, Wellington, June 2014

Thank you very much for the great teaching you have done with our son this term. We really enjoyed the concert last night, and are very proud of Tama.

Linda Martelletti, Newtown, Wellington, May 2014

Jonathan has been teaching my daughter for less than a year and having gone from knowing almost nothing she has progressed remarkably over this short time. Her enthusiasm is a reflection of Jonathan keeping lessons interesting and upbeat whilst still teaching the required disciplines. Needless to say I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jonathan to any other parent or child.

Jennifer Wood, Wellington, March 2014

Conor has really enjoyed his lessons with Jonathan and Go Piano. He has found the lessons enjoyable, motivating and challenging. Jonathan has been really flexible and responsive to Conor’s and our interests and has helped Conor to learn some tunes that we were especially interested in, including an old folk song which sounds great when we hear this at home. Highly recommend.

Damian O'Neill, Newtown, Wellington, February 2014

My daughter Zoe has had a wonderful year of tuition with Jonathan at Go Piano. I am thrilled with the way she has progressed in such a short time and is now able to play competently to her family. Jonathan has tailored the lessons to Zoe’s personal interests in music, and introduced her to a range of contemporary and classical pieces. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Cher, Wellington, December 2013

I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts with Joelle. She is really enjoying lessons and is constantly practicing. I am so pleased with her enthusiasm and progress. 

Tina Groark, Wellington, December 2013

Jonathan is an awesome teacher. He makes the lessons fun and I get to play the music I want to play.

Dan Strawbridge (14 yrs old), Karori, Wellington, November 2013

Jonathan is great I really look forward to my lesson with him each week. I feel relaxed when he teaches me which makes it easier to learn.

Kate Strawbridge (12 yrs old), Karori, Wellington, November 2013

The girls have really loved learning piano this year. We’ve been really impressed with their progress which is all down to your teachers so thank you.

Ruth Pascall, Karori, Wellington, October 2013

Our 5-year-old son Joshua has been learning to play the piano with Jonathan for three terms. In that time he has gone from no knowledge in playing piano, to confidently beginning to play two handed pieces, reading and composing music. We have been blessed to see our son’s confidence and enthusiasm grow each week as he learns more about music and the piano. We appreciate Jonathan’s warm teaching style and the pace of learning and progress our son experiences. Jonathan’s weekly email after each session helps us to gage Joshua’s progress as well as ensure that we know how to support his practicing during the week. We have recommended Jonathan’s classes to our friends and recommend him to other parents. 

Philippa and Hele Matatia, Kelburn, Wellington, October 2013

It is fun learning with Jonathan, especially the learning games in our piano book. I love playing the piano and composing music. Thank you Jonathan, you are a great teacher.

Joshua Matatia (5 years old), Kelburn, Wellington, October 2013

I have been meaning to email you on the positive reaction of Om on his first lesson. He said it was a “breath of fresh air.” He loved it. He learnt his first 3 performance pieces on the first night, and now is finishing Mary Had a Little Lamb. Both my children have been practicing whenever they have time. Before and after school.

Shivam spends a lot of time practicing and has now memorized a couple of performance pieces as well. After watching Om memorizing the pieces, I think that Shivam is inspired to do the same. Even I have played and memorized all the performance pieces!!! It’s wonderful. 

Roshni Mistry, Kingston, Wellington, August 2013

We have really enjoyed your work and my youngest daughter in particular now spends a lot of time playing her pieces in a multitude of ways. Both girls continue to blossom. Many thanks.

Heidi, Wellington, July 2013

I am really enjoying how much Conor enjoys the piano – thanks in part to you I suspect!

Jane McKessar, Newtown, Wellington, July 2013

Isla is practicing at home and enjoys playing for me, which is very cool. Most importantly she is really enjoying learning (in other contexts she is not usually at all keen to try something new and risk making mistakes). 

Caitlin Devoy, Newtown, Wellington, July 2013

Jonathan is patient, awesome and has a great imagination when it comes to writing songs and he is really easy to learn from 😀

Ava (13 years old), Brooklyn, Wellington, June 2013

Vinamra has been learning to play piano from Jonathan for 3 years now. It’s such a pleasure to watch her play! Thanks to Jonathan’s effort her interest in music is growing deeper. I really appreciate your passion for music and I can clearly see that you pass this on to your students too. 

Vinamra enjoys watching your YouTube videos and I personally think its a very good idea for her watch you play the same music bit she is learning in class to make it sound perfect.

Thanks for all your efforts

Preeti Sivakumar, Johnsonville, Wellington, June 2013

I’m an adult student trying to improve my reading and playing skills. Jonathan’s a patient teacher and puts together a bunch of his own arrangements for all levels so you’ve always got something new to work on. Thanks for helping me take my playing to the next level Jonathan. 

Simon, Wellington, June 2013

Our son is really enjoying learning the piano with Go Piano. Within the first couple of terms he is already composing his own pieces and learning to read music. Jonathan really pitches learning at his age (6), with fun song titles and music that appeals to young ears. You can really sense Jonathan’s passion for the piano and he passes this on so well to his students.

David & Vanessa, Wadestown, Wellington, May 2013

We were so impressed when Bella came home after her very first lesson able to play a tune, and having written one of her own! This approach has kept her engaged and excited about lessons for two years now, and she is learning the benefits of practicing and working towards goals. 

As well as the classic pieces specially arranged for Go Piano, Jonathan goes the extra distance to offer familiar pieces the children love so they can learn to play their faves. It is a great service! So much better than in the olden days when we seemed to spend months just learning scales!

Lisa, Newtown, Wellington, May 2013

Ben is really enjoying piano, when he is a bit stressed about something he heads to the piano and comes back in a better mood. He is really enjoying seeing his own progress as well.

Rachel Hamilton-Williams, Thorndon, Wellington, May 2013

What is clear is that Finn’s piano has improved no end – and his performance of Bach’s Minuet in G for the family last Sunday was proof of the quality of your school’s teaching method. And what is even more important is that he really enjoys the lessons – as a child who hated piano lessons I understand the great value of that and how hard it must be to get right. So Go Piano is doing an excellent job.

Peter Fletcher-Dobson, Karori, Wellington, May 2013

Our son has entirely enjoyed his lessons at beginner’s level with Jonathan, we were surprised to notice the progress so fast! With Jonathan’s support and excellent teaching strategies, our son has developed real passion for music. We are totally grateful and can’t wait for the next lesson.

Galia & Savva, Brooklyn, Welllington, May 2013

We have been delighted with the progress Rachel has made in just one term with Go Piano. She is always keen to practice, and is quite independent about it.

Liz Eichler, Newtown, Wellington, May 2013

Our 8 year old daughter Emma, has been learning to play the piano with Jonathan for nearly 2 years. The progress she has made has been amazing to watch. She had no knowledge of the piano when she started and now she can read music, and is playing some lovely pieces. Her love for the piano has only increased. She goes off to her lessons with excitement and enthusiasm. Jonathan makes the lessons interesting and fun and our daughter looks forward every week to learning new things.

Sharon Leamy, Island Bay, Wellington, April 2013

Our daughter has enjoyed her start to formal music lessons with Jonathan. In a short space of time, he has sparked an interest in the piano and converted her to a keen learner. She enjoys her weekly piano lesson and eagerly looks forward to it. He seems to have developed an excellent rapport with her, which we believe is key to helping her develop a love for the instrument!

Nandita Srinivasa, Wellington, April 2013

Our five year old daughter began learning the piano for the first time only a term ago and is already impressing us with two handed nursery rhyme pieces. Jonathan teaches in a positive and structured learning manner which has accelerated our daughter’s musical development and achievements. This has strengthened our daughter’s confidence and deepened her appreciation of music which will give her great satisfaction throughout the years to come. 

Tracey Anderson, Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt, April 2013

The girls are really loving playing. Evangeline was very apprehensive before she had her first lesson, and then raved on afterwards how fantastic it was. Both girls have been keen to practice their skills at home. Keep up the great work. 

Gabrielle Allen, Brooklyn, Wellington, March 2013

We are older adults who have been having lessons with Jonathan for 18months. Jonathan has the ability to adjust music the beginner is familiar with so that the beginner can start learning “proper music” straight away rather than fiddling about with exercises designed for kindergarten students! 

One of us has had lessons in the past and Jonathan was able to suggest music to play that got the confidence level up again and then extended musicality and enjoyment with more difficult pieces. 

He is very patient and works hard to help us play music the way we want it to sound, but would have difficulty with on our own.

Mike and Jane, Khandallah, Wellington, October 2012

My 5 year old boy, thanks to Jonathan ability as a composer, has the best toy – the piano. Cameron can play songs about a bear, about surfing down and dunes, about lights in New York City. Cameron has already composed his own little piece all about liking Turtles.

Jenny Sparks, Highbury, Wellington, September 2012

I really enjoy Jonathan teaching me piano. We learn all the songs that I like and he even lets me request songs to learn. Being a 14 year old boy I like songs that a piano teacher wouldn’t normally teach and Jonathan gives me the opportunity to learn these pieces of music.

Finn Carroll, Newtown, Wellington, August 2012

Thanks for the lessons and Tuhina is enjoying every bit of it. We are happy with her progress and all credit goes to Jenny and your academy for getting her started and interested in piano. 

Namrata Sambhus, Khandallah, Wellington, July 2012

Ida is enjoying adding the Piano to her vocal instrument. She is always raving on about how she did great in different songs with the help and encouragement from her teachers.

Ida and mum, Cannons Creek, Porirua, June 2012

Caitlin is really enjoying her lessons – apparently they are even fun! 

Suze Keith, Kelburn, Wellington, March 2012

We only had three months with Jonathan so far but already had a chance to appreciate his great teaching skills and multiple talents as a musician as a piano player and as a composer. He is very punctual, attentive and helpful. One of the great thing about studying with Jonathan is an option to find his lessons on-line and listen to him playing the pieces he gives to his students. That’s a double lesson time :)

Jessica Baider, Wellington, November 2011

Emily has enjoyed your classes very much and she has made so much progress! We really appreciate your help and patience!

Shalee Chen, Wellington, November 2011

Piano lessons with Jonathan are fantastic! His ability to just play whatever piece I give him is really impressive and inspiring – it makes me want to learn how to play even more. He always finds ways to make things easier for me, which is great and helps me to stay motivated even when I feel like I’m stuck.

Janine (adult student), Wellington, October 2011

Jonathan is so much like a young Christopher Norton author of the famous micro jazz series (Chris taught me when I was 17). Both talented players and composers and inspiring teachers all in one. I am learning my favourite songs, I’m discovering classical masters and I am improvising some simple jazz. He is pushing me along and broadening my musical horizons and I always leave my lesson with a smile on my face!

Brent (adult student), Wellington, September 2011

Tom’s made fantastic progress under your teaching in just one year. It’s great the way you’ve helped him find ways to play music he’s interested in, as well as introducing him to a wide range of musical styles beyond his immediate interests.

Mireille Conti-Leslie, Island Bay, Wellington, September 2011

Ellen has learnt to compose and play music and is thoroughly enjoying it. Jonathan is an excellent teacher and Ellen looks forward to her lessons and practises every day. The Go Piano approach to music is at the childrens’ level of interest and ability and they respond so well to it. Ellen is so enjoying her piano and for that I am very grateful. It can be very hard to keep young people interested and achieving and Jonathan is doing exactly that. Thanks Jonathan – you’re great!

Leanne, Owhiro Bay, Wellington, July 2011

I am blessed to have Jonathan as my teacher – he is very, very patient and very talented. I would like to recommend Jonathan to anyone who wants to learn piano music. 

Els Roso (adult student), Kingston, Wellington, July 2011

Jonathan has been Liam’s piano teacher for about 3 months now. Liam (8) composes, plays and practices everyday, and can’t wait for Jonathan to show up every Monday! I must say I am deeply impressed by Jonathan’s teaching method, a mix of fun, patience, composition, more fun and feeling of achievement. It is the fastest way to learn, and I would recommend Jonathan to any parent willing to give music a go into their kids education! Well done, Jonathan, you’re a star :)

Nathalie Buckrell, Mt Victoria, Wellington, June 2011

I would like to thank Go Piano for taking the time to teach Katiana piano – she is enjoying it thoroughly!!!

Erica Angelica, Whitby, Porirua, May 2011

I would like to say how much my son enjoys his piano lessons with Go Piano. He comes home on Wednesdays and tells me all about the fun he has had at his piano lesson. We would also like to mention the special effort put in by Go Piano in offering Paul some of his favourite songs to learn. Thank you!

Bridget Kent, Brooklyn, Wellington, April 2011

Madeline is thoroughly enjoying her lessons – she practices morning, noon and night – voluntarily!!!

Pip O'Connell, Ngaio, Wellington, April 2011

Jonathan is a great teacher to my two children (Anastasia, 9 y.o. & Mihali, 7 y.o.).
His approach is unique because he helps my children to look at music beyond the already composed pieces. He is showing them how fun it is to play with notes and compose their own pieces. He wants the children to enjoy and discover music in general. We are very thankful for that.

Daniela, Miramar, Wellington, March 2011

I like my piano lessons because they are fun, interesting and I learnt a lot in only a couple of terms. I enjoy composing pieces with Jonathan. Jonathan is one of those teachers that makes everything easy and fun to do. 

Leeza Speranskaya (10 years old), Paraparaumu, December 2010

We are delighted at Quin’s enthusiasm and the enjoyment that he gets from learning the piano with Jonathan. I am sure it has helped his confidence and ability in his everyday school life. Much credit to Jonathan’s patience and knowledge – your love of music really shows through. 

Louise Cohen, Karori, Wellington, November 2010

We think Jonathan is not only a talented musician but he is a very talented teacher. Matthew is really engaged in the music lessons. Jonathan follows Matthew’s interests so he’s playing some of his favourite pieces. We think its great. 

Jo, Brooklyn, Wellington, November 2010

“I love playing the piano with Jonathan” (Sophia, 5). Amazing what Jonathan did within only a few weeks. It’s stunning to see her hand-eye coordination and music theory knowledge. Jonathan’s gentle and amusing art of teaching inspired her. Focusing mainly on the fun of music, Sophia doesn’t even know how much she learns each time, she just loves the fun.

THANKS, we love the result! 

Barbara and Oliver, Karori, Wellington, October 2010

It is impossible not to be inspired by Jonathan’s enthusiasm and brilliance. He has the ability to make even the ‘hard stuff’ seem fun. Liv loves her lessons because he treats her like a young musician!

Christie Freeman, Khandallah, Wellington, October 2010

Our daughters love their lessons with Jonathan and, I love the convenience of having them at school. Both girls have had lessons before and I always felt like a nag reminding them to practice. Since starting Go Piano they play for pleasure — putting on concerts is part of their play activity and they CHOOSE to practice because they are excited about it!

Laura Benedict, Wellington, October 2010

Our daughter thinks piano lessons with Jonathan Crehan are the ‘best ever’. Through Jonathan’s fun filled approach she has enjoyed music in a relaxed atmosphere, learning at her own pace and looking forward to every lesson. I would recommend Go Piano to anyone.

Julia and Peter, Wellington, October 2010

Jonathan is an excellent piano teacher & our second teacher (our first teacher moved on). Our daughter has just turned 6, and she looks forward to her lessons, she loves to play the piano and practices all the time!! We are astonished at just how quickly she has learn to play the piano & read the music notes. And getting better thanks to Jonathan.

Jonathan has a gift in teaching, making music fun to learn, and is highly motivating to his students. Most importantly making my daughter believe in herself, and develop a love of music. 

Vaneesa & George, Island Bay, Wellington, August 2010

Our 6 year old son Nico has just completed his fourth lesson and he is really responding well to Jonathan’s relaxed and patient teaching style. We are surprised at the progress he has made so quickly! 

Grant Maiden, Owhiro Bay, Wellington, August 2010

When I saw Jonathan playing piano, I felt super motivated to learn piano, and play like he. So I talked with my mum about the possibility to take piano class with Jonathan, and she agreed with that. At the first was difficult to play with two hands, so Jonathan taught me 3 basic things regarding how to use my fingers, and musical notes as well. After 4 classes I was able to use my both hands on the piano, and I felt so happy, nervous, excited and proud about my improvements!!

I like piano because my whole family in Chile are musician, and I would like to be a musician as well. Now I am the unique piano player in my family!

I like how Jonathan teaching piano, he is so good person with me; sometimes he gave me gifts for my effort. He has patience, he can repeat the lessons as much as I need; he help me a lot. I like Jonathan as piano teacher, he is very cool!

Sebastian Alcayaga (7 years old), Owhiro Bay, Wellington, August 2010

Our son is enjoying learning piano. Jonathan is young and makes the lessons fun so he looks forward to going every week and even wants to practise!

Kendra and Brendan, Southgate, Wellington, August 2010

Jonathan Crehan is teaching both my children – aged 5 and 7 – and I am delighted with the progress and enthusiasm they have shown at the piano. After their very first lesson they came home and showed me proudly what they had learned and played a simple piece for me. They are very enthusiastic about their lessons and enjoy practising what he’s taught them. His manner with children is superb. I’ve watched him teaching and he is patient, encouraging, and knows exactly how to engage them in a gentle and often humorous way. He accompanies them at times through singing or playing chords along with them, which definitely enhances their musical experience. I would highly recommend him as a teacher.

Sarah Spencer, Karori, Wellington, August 2010

Go Piano teachers are classically-trained musicians. More importantly, the Academy inspires and motivates children to appreciate and enjoy making music. 

Dustin Hays, Wellington, July 2010

Jonathan writes really fun music which is easy to learn. I have looked forward to each music lesson, they are great!

Trinity Hunt (7 years old), Wellington, July 2010

Jonathan’s class is fantastic- our son really enjoys his lessons, especially learning some familiar tunes. What a great way to encourage a little (and big) boy to play the piano!

Nicci Lock, Owhiro Bay, Wellington, July 2010

My daughter Grace was very enthusiastic about her lessons, motivated by Jonathan’s fun, gentle teaching style. She enjoyed both the practical and theoretical sides of piano playing under Jonathan’s tutelage. I highly recommend him!

Philippa Kerr, Wellington, July 2010

My daughter Caitlin just loves learning how to play the piano, and over the last term she has come home and told us what she has learnt. She finds Jonathan a very nice man to help her understand the beginnings of playing the piano and loved learning “hot cross buns” too.

Caitlin is certainly looking forward to playing the piano next term with Jonathan. Keep up the good work!!!

Steve and Jeanette, Southgate, Wellington, July 2010

Annika (6) is really enjoying her Go Piano classes. She has even downloaded the application of Piano on her dad’s iPhone and she practices. I was impressed that she could play Hot Cross Buns after her fourth class with you. Thank you. Hope she can continue with you throughout. 

Rupika Arora, Woodridge, Wellington, June 2010

Friendly, fun and professional. Our daughter has had a wonderful introduction to piano and music in general from Go Piano.

Michael and Margaret, Wellington, June 2010