Lower Hutt Piano Lessons

30min lesson at our studio
3.30pm – 5pm Mon-Fri
Cost: $39 per lesson

Our piano lessons at our Kelson studio in Lower Hutt provide fantastic one-on-one tuition covering all the key skill sets.

These lessons are suitable for students of all levels and ages, and give a comprehensive piano performance and theoretical foundation. Our piano teachers will assess your child’s ability and tailor lessons to their personal requirements.

The 30 min lesson length is ideal for parents who are keen to see their child develop a very thorough understanding of the piano.


  • Piano lessons are paid for each term, as per the school calendar, with a free student performance at the end of the term
  • Public holidays are not charged for
  • All piano lessons are charged for regardless of whether the student turns up or not
  • It is not possible to do make ups or rescheduling of lessons as each student has a booked time

What's Included

Note Reading
Music Theory
Concert Performances
Tests & Assessments