4 Aug 2015

Taking Your Children to Piano Concerts


For a student to be fully immersed in their piano learning experience, we recommend occasional trips to piano concerts for inspiration. Wellington has a number of venues and many concerts which include pianos are free to the public or have a minimal charge.

Concerts which may include a piano could be:

Piano concertos, solo piano performances, piano trios or quartets, concerts for soloist with piano accompaniment, choir concerts with piano accompaniment, jazz, pop or rock bands.

The live experience can be transformative for students, and below are some great places / concert groups to keep an eye on:

St Andrew’s on the Terrace Lunchtime Concerts

New Zealand School of Music Lunchtime Concerts

Chamber Music NZ Concerts

Eventfinder Wellington

Even if you don’t get a chance to head out to a concert or two, there are still many great performances that you can watch via youtube which can be an inspiration to your children.

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