12 Jul 2015

Piano Performance


I always look forward to end of term piano performances and this afternoon I’ll be attending the Term 2 performance of about 10 of my private students. I always have a feeling of excitement at these events, especially when I know that my students have been working hard and learning pieces which are challenging for them!

There are a couple of pieces that I am particularly looking forward to – the first one is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, a famous and beautiful, dark and dreamy composition and the other is a sparkling Waltz by Clementi. For both students learning these works, it have proved somewhat a challenge so I think they will gain great satisfaction out of performing them this afternoon.

As an aside, I have started introducing more works by Clementi in my piano lessons and I am pleased at how wonderfully descriptive his pieces are, without being fussy and overtly difficult. I particularly like how he adds scale-like flourishes for the right hand, which is exactly what intermediate level students need to learn in order to up-skill themselves.

Well it should be a good show!

Thank you for reading my post. Please feel welcome to comment on anything I’ve said – I’m always keen for a rigorous discussion!

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