15 Jul 2015

Past and Present


I’ve been working late into the wee hours of Thursday morning on some popular music arrangements for my students. Term 3 is just around the corner and I hope they really get excited by the new pieces I’ll be offering!

Doing this kind of work always makes me pause and reflect on my own upbringing in the classical world. As a young pianist I never really had the opportunity of feeling ‘cool’ in front of my friends by playing the newest and latest popular piece. There was always a sense of separation and the need to keep the classical side of my life away from school.

What’s really wonderful about the opportunities my students have, is that they get the best of both worlds. I love to encourage my students to learn classical pieces by the great masters, but I get as much joy in seeing their excitement when they play the latest and coolest piece at the end of term concerts.

To me, it’s a wonderful marriage of fresh, new works and celebrated old masterpieces. To offer such variety makes a few late nights of preparations totally worth while!

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